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A Comprehensive Estate Planning Solution: Unleashing Your Potential

A unique differentiator of White Oak Legacy Partners is the ability to work with a client at the estate level. The fully comprehensive service allows White Oak Legacy Partners to set itself apart from other advisory firms by rolling up the real estate and business solution services to the estate creating a comprehensive solution. This solution allows us to take a servant leader role to guide the client through the estate plan by coordinating the core leaders of the estate for the common goal of the success of the client. 
Unfortunately, most estates are created without the inclusion of the core leaders that need to be working in unison for a successful estate plan. This includes the involvement of the Financial/Wealth Planners, Estate Planning Attorneys, CPA/Accountant, Banker, and lastly the expertise that White Oak legacy Partners provides, Real Estate Professionals and Business Consultants.

White Oak Legacy Partners is the culmination of three generations of family business stemming from real estate and business ownership. Working in the family business and on the family, business has allowed the team at White Oak Legacy Partners to understand what it is like to be a strategic advisor and a client. This includes the frustrations as a client faces when dealing with understanding the roles, fees and involvement of the core team and specialists within the estate planning field.

As a servant leader and strategic partner, we can work with our clients to coordinate finding the right core team based upon their needs, goals, and financial capabilities. We can also improve upon the existing core team by bringing in the right advisors to fill the gaps in the current estate plan. Our ability to understand plans, fees and implementation through personal and third-party clients allow us to be the unbiased arm’s length

Secure the Future of Your Family Business with our Estate Planning Solutions

White Oak Legacy Partners allows their clients the comfort of knowing their assets can be serviced at every level. This also includes the ability to acquire and divest assets. White Oak Legacy Partners under the DBA White Oak Legacy Brokerage in Nevada and California can assist clients in the successful sale and acquisition of targeted assets to fit their portfolio needs. 

White Oak Legacy Partners uses their vast network of relationships of buyers, outside brokers, and third party vendors to maximize our clients needs. The real estate market is in constant change. Our full-service brokerage vertical allows us to maximize our capabilities for tenants, landlords, investors vendors and buyers alike. Our deep expertise allows us to work with all property types throughout Nevada, California and beyond.
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